"Good harvest, good price" is the expectation, expectation of farmers. Price depends on the market, but hit the season, the role of producers is not small impact. Study in intensive coffee is the direction, how to do farmers in Kon Tum province selected.


In previous years, due to lack of proper care, coffee garden of more than 2 hectares of Nguyen Van Quyet's family in Dak De village, Ngoc Bay commune, Kon Tum city stunted, slow development. It has been harvested that branch branches, as well as sprouting fruit, can not compare with the productivity of the garden in the region. After the harvest in 2012, in parallel with fertilizer investment, he decided to use NPK Gap product of Minh Phat Company. This type of biological product is used by diluting, spraying on leaves and mixing with water, directly into the root of the plant in a dosage according to the instructions. Through the severe dry season, to the beginning of the rainy season 2014, the whole area has shown signs of prosperity. Green leafy coffee, healthy stem, long branches. Particularly the use of chemical fertilizer has reduced costs. In the 2014 crop, the yield of the orchard increased from less than 12 tonnes of fresh fruit / ha in previous years to 16-17 tonnes of fresh fruit / ha. Not only assured with the immediate productivity problem, it is more significant that the old coffee garden showed signs of recovery, branch development and stable branches, which facilitated the sustainable growth of the following years. 

Proven vivid evidence for effective use of biological products on coffee. With coffee gardens with 20 years or more of age, in which, concentrated in Dak Ha district, the use of appropriate biological products, as necessary, bring the recovery, continue to birth Grow and develop, for high productivity and stability of the orchard.

Currently, there are many bio-based products for coffee. The choice and suitability of the product depends on the reality of the producer. However, in the use, people should note the basic principle, is to use bio-products by leaf spray and rooting at least three times per season, focusing on stages Before flowering, after flowering and fruit development. Do not spray on the stage of coffee in the process of pollinating.